Monday, January 15, 2007


Joy of my life

Did I tell ya baby, you are the joy of my life. -- John Fogerty, "Joy of my life"

Friday, December 08, 2006


Love and Desire

Love and Desire are the heart's furious angels.
-- Welsh saying

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The Epiphany (follow up to previous post)

A couple of days ago, while listening and watching Celia Cruz sing Guantanamera, I had an epiphany.

It went sort of like this: "Wow, we could all be watching Celia Cruz sing Guantanamera, instead of (fill in the blank here with your favorite horrible things that are happening in this world).

Then I had a vision.

My vision went something like this:
I called my friend V. to tell her my epiphany. She was so blown away by it that she helped spread the word. Soon the whole world was united in harmony; listening and watching Celia Cruz sing Guantanamera instead of (fill in the blank here with your favorite horrible things that are happening in this world). And I retired to a mountaintop in Peru to live in seclusion, nobody but me and the Apus (sacred mountains). But then someone somewhere decided that they liked the Sandpipers version better and that we should all listen to that version. Soon the world’s population was split into two, those who preferred Cruz and those who preferred the Sandpipers. Those who preferred Cruz labeled themselves Cruzists (alternatively "purists" or more basically "us"). Those who preferred the Sandpipers labeled themselves Piperists (alternatively "purists" or more basically "us"). Both groups referred to each other as "heathens", "woolly headed", or more basically "them". Soon enough, there were more splits. Those who preferred to simply listen split away from those who preferred to sing along. Those who liked listening before going to bed at night split from those who preferred listening to it upon rising in the morning. Those who preferred listening to Van Morrison sing Moondance were ostracized by everyone. Well you see where I'm headed. Soon the peace was shattered, as all the different groups decided there simply wasn't enough room on the planet for all of us. And things ended up worse than before.

Instead of calling my friend V. to tell her my epiphany; I called to berate her because in my vision she started the whole mess.

This reminds me of the time that my teacher related a dream she had. In this dream, we were all walking along in the woods at our own pace. I pictured myself in her dream. In her dream, I told her "It's a little late, the woods are kind of spooky, I'm tired and there's an episode of Buffy the Vampire slayer on TV, so I'm going home."

This reminds me of the time that I was riding along on my bicycle in Tucson and I saw a sign that read “Dip? Do not enter when flooded". I thought to myself, "Ok I won't. But you don't have to be insulting about it".

While listening to Hot Chocolate sing "Sexy Thing" (oh I believe in miracles you....) I really did have a revelation that would usher in a new golden age, permanently. I couldn't find a pencil and paper to write it down and there was an episode of King of the Hill on TV, and by the time it was over, I'd forgotten my revelation.

I have a pretty clear idea that I existed before this body came into existence and so I will exist after all of it's myriads of motions come to rest. I am pretty sure that I know when the Kali Yuga will end. Beyond that, I'm certain that I'm not sure about anything. This is truly a good state to be in.

I only fear commitment and intimacy. Which just makes me "a guy". To put it even more simply, I'm "one of us".

Try this with a friend sometime. Tell them you know the world's greatest knock-knock joke and ask if they want to hear it. If they say yes, ask them to start it. The look on their face when you inevitably ask "Who's there?" is priceless. Walk away, slowly, savoring the moment, a slight smile playing across your lips.

Monday, November 27, 2006

CELIA CRUZ.. Guantanamera..

I can't stop watching this and thinking....gosh we could all just sit around singing Guantanamera

It's a love song, btw.

Thursday, October 19, 2006



"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."~ Robert Frost

Thursday, July 20, 2006


The Renunciator (a work in progress)

Don’t ask me to renounce the beer in my refrigerator,
Or my stereo system, no not that
And whatever you do, don’t ask me for my computer.

What’s that you say?

You’d like a beer.

Well I’ve got a whole refrigerator full.
Take as much as you want.

Come again?

You say your stereo is broken?

Well I’m not using mine.
Here, let me help you take it home.

Say what?

You know someone who needs a computer?

Well mine's obsolete and it’s nothing but a money sump.

But if they need it,
I’ll pack it tomorrow and I’ll send it overnight express
They’ll have it tomorrow.
But please, please, pleeaaaasssseee whatever you do...
Don’t ask me to renounce that apple pie
Baking, as we speak, in my oven.

No not that. Anything but that

Oh, you’re hungry?

What a coincidence.

Sit right down.

Let me get you a fork and a plate.

You see, it just so happens that the best apple pie in the universe

Is in my oven right now.

I’ll even wrap up the leftovers for you to take home.

You say you really want my ego,

You say you really want my misconceptions,
My misperceptions,
My sense of smallness,
My sense of separation.
My limited understanding.

But what would I do without all that?

How would I live?

Oh I get it.

If I give you all that I’ll remember:

I am you,

You are me.

Why didn’t you say that from the beginning.

Oh, ha ha, you did.

I forgot.

I give you everything that never belonged to me anyway.

I give you my ego.

You give me myself.

Boy did I get a bargain or what?

In this ofttimes-strange world, we have only each other.
You are there for me.
I am here for you.

Whatever you do, though, just don’t ask me to…….

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I love stereophotography

I got a new attachment for my trusty canon rebel, a loreo 3D lens kit. I'm having a blast with it.
Here's one I've taken. Thanks for looking (all one of you, you know who you are, we love you for it). check out the rest at Beautiful Andes


Another Flower

Here's one taken today, Sunday July 16. Its a set of flowers from one of my texas rain sage plants in my backyard. Shot with my trusty canon rebel and the negative scanned in. More photos can be seen at my regular website Beautiful Andes

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